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We are a small team that geeks out over Excel and its many applications. We provide Excel training, consulting, custom solutions and data analysis to individual users and business in the southwest Michigan region. Whether its training in excel for your personal business, developing a custom spreadsheet solution for a task, or analyzing data, we are here to help.

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Consulting & Custom Solutions
  • Spreadsheet Modeling
  • Template Design
  • Dashboard Builds
  • Data Cleanup & Hot Fixes
  • Spreadsheet Simplification
  • Report Automation
  • Macro And VBA Scripting
Training & Education
  • Spreadsheet Management
  • Formatting & Navigation
  • Basic to Nested Formulas
  • Spreadsheet Modeling
  • Excel Efficiency
  • Visualization
  • Not what you’re looking for? We can tailor to you.
Data Analysis & Intelligence

We can perform various analysis on data that you already gathered, but don’t have time for or don’t want to dedicate someone to. We can help make obscure data sets less obscure and information more valuable.

Letting us help

Excel is one of the most popular programs used in business settings today. It’s flexible, easy to learn, cheap and efficient. For these same reasons, it is sometimes pushed further than it can go, but more often, it is underutilized or used in a way that may work, but not effectively.

Reasons for you to consider our services:

  • Calculating workbooks are eating up the most productive part of the day
  • When you do a lot of repetitive and time consuming tasks at the expense of analysis
  • Preparing you for an interview that requires an Excel litmus test
  • If you’ve ever thought “There must be a better (quicker, faster or smarter) way to do this
  • You’re too busy or unable to train new employees
  • Business is cyclical and you don’t want to hire anyone temporarily for Excel based tasks
  • You have data but not enough resources to process it
  • As an alternative to buying software specific to your tasks (Excel can probably do it.

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